KeM Direct Dosing Unit

KEM-TOUCH Dosing and colouring unit
for directly volumetric dosing onto injection moulding machines and extruders

The well proven KEM direct colouring unit is the simplest and yet most effective solution for colouring plastic materials with masterbatch or other additives

  • User Friendly
  • Extremely versatile by being able to exchange dosing rollers within seconds
  • Up to 50 memory locations for different recipies
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The G / KK and V mixers are designed to dose and blend upto 4 materials seamlessly with throughput ranging from 25Kg/h to a maximum of 250Kg/h there is a mixer to suit every application. The extremley modular design alows the units to be customized to your specific application and can easily be upgraded at later stages to adapt to your production requirements

  • Robust design
  • Extremely accurate dosing using cellular wheels
  • Materials are homogenized perfectly prior to processing
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