Koch Technik Update mixer control

Koch technik have updated the complete line of mixer and dosing control’s with the newly announced STL range this replaces the previous ST series

The main aim of this was to create a more user friendly and ergonomic system

Key features

  • Compact
  • User friendly
  • Industry 4.0 ready
  • Color touch screen display


Geiger Handling speed up production for Malton Plastics with Wemo robot

Malton Plastics recently invested in a new 350 ton Demag to fulfill their ever increasing production demands, along with this they took the decision to invest in a linear robot for the removal of mouldings from the press , Geiger Handling supplied a turnkey solution of a Wemo E-design robot safety guarding and conveyor belt . Since installation Malton have seen an increase in production output and quality due to stable cycle times compared to having the machine manned by an operator

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Investment into New 350 Tonne Injection Moulding Machine

New Robot released for large injection moulding machines

With the introduction of the 250 eLine with maximum 25kg handling weight, it is ideal for IMM’s up to 1000 tons

This range of robots stands for economy,efficiency and energy saving. These are the most important factors for an investment to be competitive in production.

Optional Functions
It is possible to equip the e-Line robot range with several useful options for high flexibility. Wide range of axis extensions, telescopic vertical axis, additional rotation axis and up to  4 vacuum and 4 gripper circuits.

The robot range is used AC servo motors in all three axes for simultaneous movement, ensuring speed and with high precision. This is important for inserting of parts or assembly operations. The planetary gearboxes result in maximum output efficiency.

New High speed moulding machine introduced

Geiger are proud to announce the introduction of the Sarac Speed line of Injection moulding machines , with clamp forces from 270 to 400 ton and with impressive injection rates of 400mm/s make it the perfect choice for thin walled applications such as packaging and consumable items where high speed are required. Follow this link to find out more Injection Moulding Machines