E Series Granulator
E Series Granulator
E Series Granulator

E Series

The Energy series can be used as a central granulator away from your production area or as a powerful in-line granulator for large blow or injection moulded parts, you will find the granulator’s high performance, robust design and ease of use second to none.

  • Sound proof enclosure as standard for low noise levels.
  • Easy access to the integrated, sound dampened, blower for cleaning.
  • Rubber mounts isolate the cutting chamber and motor from the base frame and feed hopper for reduced vibration and noise levels.
  • Tangential entry cutting chamber for easy feed of bulky reject parts.
  • Oversized bearings, shafts and drive guarantee long service life.
  • A choice of rotor geometries to suit your application. Standard scissor or V-cut configuration for high quality, low dust granulate.
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