Protech cooling systems

Free Coolers

Freetech series wet-dry coolers are equipped with adiabatic cooling systems in order to increase cooling efficiency in hot
weather. Via evaporation cooling fins located in front of the exchanger surface, the moisture level of the intake air saturated and air temperature is decreased below the ambient temperature.

  • Heat exchanger is manufactured from copper tubes and aluminium. Fins are coated with a protective layer for weather
  • V type heat exchanger design reduces footprint & increase heat exchange efficiency by balanced air distribution on coil surface
  • Axial fans, with external motor¬†with thermal protection.
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Protech cooling systems


The NovaTech chillers are an optimal supplement to the existing range of temperature control solutions provided by Geiger Handling with cooling capacities of 2 Kcal/h to 540 Kcal/h. Robust and powerful centrifugal pumps and stainless steel, insulated water tanks ensure they are highly reliable.

  • Highly efficient shell&tube type evaporator.
  • Accurate temperature control with microprocessor control
  • Can be situated outside
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Ecotech cooling system


The Eco-Tech range of hybrid chillers combine the technologies of freecooling and a conventional chiller in one unit , in colder conditions only the free cooling circuit is active once the ambient temperature rises above a set level the system automatically activates the chiller circuit

  • Maximum energy efficiency
  • Self regulating
  • Stable temperatues all year round
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Chilltech cooling system


The Chilltech units are a revolution in mould tool chilling and heating. They can be configured in either single or duel circuit for independent control of both halves of the mould, the integrated chiller allows or rapid optimization of the cooling circuit

  • Cooling Capacity from 9 Kw to 125 Kw
  • Heating Capacity from 6 Kw to 24 Kw
  • User friendly control system
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