Mould Temperature Control

With over 30 years of experience in designing tempertaure control systems, Itech specializes in water chilling and heating systems for industrial and commercial processes

Today, Aytek  offers a full  range of technologically advanced cooling and tempering systems  with an excellent quality-price ratio, enabling them to be one of the market leader in Industrial Cooling and heating in Europe.

Hot Runner Control

With more than 310,000 control zones installed and a 60% share of the French market, SISE Hot Runner Temperature Controllers have been setting the standard world-wide. When used for production or for preheating, Hot Runner Temperature Controllers ensure the most stable material temperature possible in each injection phase. SISE technology guarantees precise and continuous control of the temperature at all points where the material passes through.


SISE Temperature Controllers use high-performance Permanent Self Tuning software designed and developed by SISE, which continuously recalculates the best settings for each zone, instantly responding to any changes in process parameters.


With its line of Hot Runner Temperature Controllers offering from 2 to 336 zones, SISE provides solutions suited to any mold size, for injection molding in the automotive, medical/pharmaceutical, and packaging/sealing industries, as well as technical components for computers, radio and TV, household appliances, electrical devices, toys and leisure equipment…